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A drawing of Tio Lester created by one of the childern who has seen Lester and was rescued from his lab.

Tio Lester is a World War 1 veteran who was corrupted by Baka Juice and an expirimental Immortality Potion. He was eventually defeated by Baroone, but at the cost of being corrupted by Baka Juice .


Tio Lester was originally a brilliant chemist and war doctor in WWI, but during service he was injured and honorably discharged from service. As a result of his time as a soldier, Lester slowly became insane and his mind fractured. He started to expiriment on himself as a result. One day, while he was under the effect of Baka Juice and whiskey combined, he tried to take an expirimental Immortality Potion. The potion worked, but Lester started to descend into complete madness. Soon after, he ate the formula, thinking it was a muffin. He now kidnaps 1,500 kids on average every Christmas in order to try recreating the formula and testing it on them in order to perfect it so that he can monetize it and make millions.


Tio Lester has a son named Miguel Lollipop. He ownes a lollipop company that was created to lure kids into beliving that Tio Lester was nonexistant by emploing a special drug added to the lollipop mixture.